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    Thabure Media Group (TMG)

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Ours Services In business since 2013

Media solutions

We print and publish newspapers, magazines, newsletters and retail promotional pamphlets. Our media offer independent media forums for sharing of opinions.

Transport Services

WE have established freight transportation and delivery networks nationally and internationally to execute distribution strategies and provide full circle direct deliveries with a fleet of vehicles.

Property Services

WE buy, sell, develop and rent out sites, flats, houses and farms by providing comprehensive and integrated property services and solutions to tenants, developers and property investors.

Our Purpose

TMG purpose is to directly and indirectly engage in diverse industries in media, logistics and property to add value to human development.

Our Vision

To be the Lesotho’s superior provider of media, logistics and real estate solutions.

Our Mission

To invest in media, logistics and real estate for commercial purpose.

Our Core Values

We are Independent, Impartial and Fair.

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