Our ServicesWe offer our advertisers options, diversity, alternatives and add-ons with our diverse media that consist of newspapers, websites, digital platforms and special supplements. We are the hub of creative minds for commercial advertising, public notices, classifieds, advertorials, sponsored content, centre spreads, spadeas, wraps, we print and distribute loose retails newspaper inserts and special supplements.


Our display offer solutions on product and service awareness, brand building and regular product promotions for our customers which are achieved through creative designs of commercial advertisements.


Our notices offer public announcements, recruitments, tender notices, legal notices, lost lease, public meetings, change of names, change of religion, change of ownership, registration or de-registration, marriage or divorce, and any legal decision.


Our classifieds offer the best print and digital platform where small to medium sellers and buyers, employers and jobseekers meet every day. This is where consumers and advertisers actively buy, sell and exchange everything from second-hand items, housing, transportation, employment, merchandise, education, health and professional services, among others..